Uncommon Views

Let’s take a little tour of Ashland…a tour of uncommon views.  Of the many hundreds of photographs of Ashland’s grounds and interiors that we have seen, some simply stand out for their uncommonness.  Some images stand out because they give us a look at something which is now gone or hidden and others are simply taken from an unusual angle.

Have you ever journeyed down into the Dairy Cellar and looked back?
Now hidden from view: Henry Clay's privy, during archaeological dig
It's a rare event when these pocket doors make an appearance; they are usually tucked away in the walls
Henry Clay's racetrack was still visible when this photo was taken in 1904. (Joseph Rogers)
Back of mansion with McDowell-era additions: conservatory and sleeping porch, both long gone
A rare view from the front of Ashland, looking toward Richmond Road
Another rare view from 1905, looking toward the Ice Houses (from Country Homes)
A view no longer: from Ashland's front door looking toward downtown Lexington, 1905
The pre-1920s Ashland driveway from Richmond Road

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