Ashland Restoration Raises Interpretive Questions

YOU ARE HERE -> 1990s The 1991-92 restoration was a major turning point in Ashland’s history.  Not only was the house repaired and renovated, but its interpretation was thoroughly examined, questioned, and redone.  The restoration project became a remarkable opportunity to consider the interpretation “from scratch,” curator Eric Brooks says.  For the first time people … More Ashland Restoration Raises Interpretive Questions

Ashland in Trouble

YOU ARE HERE -> late 1980s By the 1980s, the Ashland mansion had fallen into serious disrepair.  Bettie Kerr, director at Ashland after Lorraine Seay, describes how this happened: while some maintenance issues extended back to the McDowell era (1880s-1940s), after the 1950s, things began to quickly deteriorate.  Maintenance had not always been done well … More Ashland in Trouble