About This Blog

I worked at Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate as a volunteer then staff member, 2003-2009.  I earned my MA in Art History at the University of Kentucky in 2008 with a Master’s thesis entitled, “Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate, As House Museum: Private Home and Public Destination” under the direction of Dr. Wallis Miller, Associate Professor in Architecture.

Now living in Chicago, I am writing a book based on that thesis.

This blog is an effort to share the wealth of historical information about the incredible and singular place that is Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate.

Thanks for reading.   ~Wendy Bright

My work related to Ashland’s history *in word and image* may also be found:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/historyofahousemuseum/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AshlandHistory
Instagram:  https://instagram.com/AshlandHistory

Main image of Ashland from original work by Frank Becker, Lexington, KY.


5 thoughts on “About This Blog”

  1. Lonnie Neubauer said:

    Hello. I live in Maryland, and am going to be visiting Ashland in early June. I have always admired Clay very much, and would like to find some bust/sculpture of him to display in my home. Do you know of any shops or private collectors in the Lexington area who might have a nice Clay bust for sale??

    • I am sure you can find some Clay busts in the Bluegrass. The Ashland museum store used to sell them – not sure if they still do. Antique stores in the area would be a good bet. Well, also eBay! Happy visiting and hunting! 🙂

  2. M. Kemplin said:

    Wendy, while doing genealogy research I noticed an interesting tidbit in the Mt. Sterling Advocate issue from December 13, 1892. It reads “Wat Fleming, of Nicholas County, sold a pointer dog to Major McDowell of Lexington, for $200.”

  3. Foster Ockerman, Jr. said:

    Please email me at: ockerman@kycounsel.com
    I am on the board of the Lexington History Museum. We will be starting a weekly radio program on Lexington history this summer on a new community radio station and I would like permission to read some of your posts on air. Thank you.
    Foster Ockerman, Jr.

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