About Ashland

Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate, is a National Historic Landmark house museum in Lexington, Kentucky.  The mansion and grounds are open to the public.  See Ashland’s website for more information: www.henryclay.org.

Henry Clay (1777-1852) lived at Ashland c.1804 until his death.  His son James B. Clay was the first descendant to own and occupy the estate after Clay’s death, until James’s own death in 1864.  After the Civil War James’s widow, Susan Jacob Clay, sold the estate to Kentucky University which held the title to Ashland until 1882.  Ashland returned to the family at that point when Clay’s granddaughter Anne Clay McDowell purchased the property and she and two more generations of her family resided at Ashland.  The last Henry Clay descendant, Clay’s great-great grandson Henry Bullock, lived privately in part of the mansion until 1959, even as Ashland had opened to the public as a historic house museum in 1950.

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