An American History Museum …in Henry Clay’s House

YOU ARE HERE -> up to 1852 Ashland’s history is unique in the world of historic house museums in that there was a very early and unusual practice of displaying artifacts for a public audience …within Ashland, while it was still a private dwelling.  Henry Clay himself initiated a particular manner of presenting the past … More An American History Museum …in Henry Clay’s House

The Cottage At Ashland

It is the picturesque little building that most Ashland visitors first encounter: The Keeper’s – or Gardener’s – Cottage.  Adjacent to today’s modern parking lot, this original structure from Henry Clay’s time is a charmer. The Cottage was designed in 1846 by Thomas Lewinski, the Lexington architect who had helped Clay with some mansion remodeling, … More The Cottage At Ashland

Children at Ashland

Children have always found Ashland to be a magical place to play.  From Henry Clay’s children and grandchildren, to James and Susan’s brood, to the McDowell girls, the estate’s young occupants delighted in their surroundings.  And it was not only the Clay children who grew up at Ashland: generations of African-American children of enslaved or … More Children at Ashland